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 Mouthpiece Refacing Services & Rates
Our current rates are $75-$95 for hard rubber, wood and plastics, $110-$140 for metals.  (We only do minor work on stainless steel or hard copper mouthpieces.)  Some good CNC MPs, like Guardala LTs, are 1/2 our full rate.  If a piece needs less work, our rate is $60/hr.  Adding an epoxy baffle: $30.  Scooping metal sidewalls or minor metal chamber mods: $40.  Lowering a metal baffle: typically $50.  Bite plate repair: $25.  Bite plate replacement: $40 to $55.  Most tip chip repairs are $20 over a standard reface job.  Personal visits to our shop are $60/hr.  We sometimes are backlogged for several weeks.  You can hold a spot in line by sending a $50 deposit or by just sending the mouthpiece.  We need full payment before we start on the job.  Ask us for a quote on special jobs.   1-week rush jobs are a 50% upcharge.

Return s/h via regular mail is $5 in US, $15 International. We take check, MO, or Paypal to:

1. We can measure your mouthpiece and provide you with an analysis for $15 + s/h.  If you get work done on the mouthpiece, the analysis in included.

2. Pieces we have for sale have been personally checked out and reworked as needed by Mojo.  This is a value-added service.  If they have been refaced the listing will say so. Otherwise the listing will often say it is a "stock" or original facing.

3. We will allow 2-3 week trials on the mouthpieces For Sale.  You pay for them while in your possession plus our s/h.  If you return them in good condition, we refund all $ except for s/h.

4. Facings we have "tweeked" have had minor flaws corrected in the table and facing curve.  This is typically a discounted job from Mojo.  We mark these pieces with an "M".  Mouthpieces marked "MOJO" have had more extensive work done to them.  They have new facings, thinned side and tip rails, baffle and chamber work.  We never use the word "perfected" or "blueprinted" to describe our work.  But if it is marked "MOJO", it will hang with the best of them.

5. As of 3/15/03, Mojo started marking tip openings on pieces he has reworked. As of 1/1/04, we started adding facing length and a curve designation too. On 1/15/06 we started sending out documentation with the rework jobs.

6. We measure tips from the inside of the tip rail to the table plane in inches.  Facing Lengths are from the tip to where a .0015" feeler gauge fits between the facing and the table plane.  The numbers are in mm * 2.  Example: 50 Lnth = 25 mm = .984".

Please keep in mind that part of the "system" is your "chops". This includes the way you are built and how you develop and use your physiology. A mouthpiece can not give you great chops. The best players can play on virtually any piece, sound great, and have full control.

When you talk to a player, it is fun to discuss equipment. But before asking what mouthpiece they use, you should ask who they listen too, or what their sound goal and concept is. Then you can ask them how they think their equipment helps to get them there.

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