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 Facebook and YouTube Destinations
Mojo Mouthpiece Work
This is what Facebook used to call a “fan page” but now just call them “pages”. You do not need to be signed up on Facebook to view this page. But you will need to sign up and "Like" the page to post comments or questions. We mostly post photos of interesting repairs and custom mouthpieces from our workbench.
Keith Bradbury
Thiis is Keith Bradbury’s personal page on Facebook. This is where he interacts with new friends, old friends and family. Don’t take it personally if your friend request is not approved. This is generally not the destination for Mojo Mouthpiece Work fans.
YouTube Video Channel (MojoBari)
We have a YouTube Channel for viewing and commenting on Mojo Mouthpiece Work Videos. This is a growing collection of (mostly) one-take instructional videos filmed without a script. These videos demonstrate various aspects of Saxophone and Clarinet mouthpiece refacing, repair, and customization. They are available at no charge. I have another channel at mojobari79 with non-mouthpiece work videos I have posted. Most of them are music performance related.


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