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Mojo Mouthpiece Work LLC
2925 Crane Street
Vineland NJ 08361

Leave message or Text Cell: 609-774-5549 (Email contact is preferred.) Visits by appointment only. If shipping, please include some notes with your mouthpiece.
Copies of Email correspondence is helpful. Also, We would prefer deliveries that do not require a signature. We get them faster. (Registering only adds you to a mailing list that is rarely used.)

We will usually respond within 12 hours. If we do not, please try sending again.

Basic Questions - Answers to the following will help us understand your needs and abilities before we work on your mouthpiece
(this is optional). Highlight them, copy and paste in your Email system.

1. What mouthpiece(s) do you play now? 2. What results are you looking for in a mouthpiece change? a. high and/or low note response? b. brighter/darker in certain registers or overall? c. more focus or more spread? d. more resistant or free-er blowing? e. repair work? 3. What brand and strength of reeds do you currently play? 4. What type of playing do you do? 5. What is your experience level? 6. What other mouthpieces or features do you like/dislike? 7. What do you play on other sax sizes (if you have them)? 8. What state/country do you live in?


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